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Former local corner shop in downtown Pretoria named Glass Rite shattered expectations when it grew to become one of the major players in its industry within South Africa. Better still, like the best kind of business growth out there it has been slow and steady progress over the past two decades. The result is that the small-scale supplier of glass to the public for their homes and motors has expanded to become responsible for the glass facades of entire companies owned by multi-national conglomerates.

As well as aluminium and glass structures for six giant shopping malls – Queenstown, Newcastle, Orange, Joz­ini, Mall of the South and Shoshanguve – Glass Rite have also added their ex­pertise and materials to Newcastle Civic Centre and the Honda Midrand HQ.

Current projects include the HQ for the company behind South Africa’s Kyalami racing circuit, the state of the art Virgin Active gym in Sandton and the stunning Menlyn Park shopping center in Gauteng, Pretoria

On the 22nd of July 2016 Glass Rite’s CEO Lodewikus Roets officially received his Honorary Doctorate in Business Management via the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission. He was jointly nominated by both the Pebble Hills University (USA) and the CIHF (India).  

”We aim to keep excelling in our numerous specialities by constantly improving our skills and the skills of staff members in new and innovative specialities, to have more opportunities to impress new and existing clients and to make their visions a reality”     - Dr. Lodewikus Roets  

Dedication and Perseverance


Glass Rite is sincerely happy to have been awarded the 2016 Most Innovative Company in South Africa and we are pleased that all the hard work and dedication has paid off, but we will never stop trying to be innovative and improve the business.  Glass Rite has a number of highly experienced fitment and installation teams working across the country and abroad along with a factory fully equipped with the latest and most technologically advanced machinery to be able to turn over high volume workloads of both glass and aluminium.    Click here to view the article - pg.60

NEWS/PG3 Page 5/5 Celebrating South Africa's Most Innovative CEO, 2016

Glass Rite founder Dr Lodewikus J P Roets, has been named Business Worldwide Magazine's (BWM) Most Innovative CEO of the Year, South Africa - 2016.

The South African entrepreneur has steered his company over the past two decades from small corner shop in downtown Pretoria into a leading player in the country's glass and laminate industry.

Today Glass Rite has provided laminate and glass expertise for some of the region's biggest and most impressive shopping malls, as well as Newcastle Civic Centre and the modern Honda Midrand HQ. Future projects include the Kyalami racing circuit HQ and a Virgin Active gym. In addition, there are now a total of four companies sitting under the Glass Rite brand, including a franchising opportunity for other keen entrepreneurs wishing to set up in business.

The BWM Innovative CEO accolade was part of the magazine's 2016 Global Corporate Excellence Awards, which honor C-level executives across both national and international business communities.

“I'm very honored to have received the award at this particular time in my career, when I'm about to celebrate two decades of building up Glass Rite,” said Dr Roets. “It hasn't always been easy. Glass Rite started out at a very unstable economic and political time for South Africa and there have been many hurdles along the way but I have found there are always ways around those if you are prepared to be flexible and rework your strategy. “Really, our main success has been down to identifying areas within the industry where there has been room for growth and development. We've then refined our skills to meet that changing demand.”

Dr Roets, who this summer received an Honorary Doctorate in Business Management from the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission, said he also believed in 'getting his hands dirty' in the sense that he wasn't simply a company leader in name only. Other strategies he attributed to his company's success included acknowledging the contribution  employees had made, building up new and relevant skills, and streamlining when turnover was tough. Prior to starting Glass Rite Dr Roets was MD of his own furniture company Alambra Group and before that a Regional Manager in Business Development for the ABSA Bank.

A spokesman for BWM said they were delighted to bestow the title of Most Innovative CEO on Dr Roets. He added: “Congratulations are certainly in order. We were particularly taken by Dr Roet's constant striving to expand Glass Rite by looking at other areas he could take the company down. From one to four businesses within two decades is extremely impressive.”

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