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There are three basic materials used for frames for windows and doors:

Wood  |  UPVC  |  Aluminium

Aluminium being a newer edition to the list, it is rapidly gaining popularity for use in both private and commercial buildings. Modern architecture calls for larger windows and doors, maximising external views and ensuring the best use of natural light. Aluminium enables slim profiles ideal for larger glassed areas, maintaining strength and design flexibility.

The benefits if aluminium include the following:

Reducing our carbon footprint, aesthetically pleasing and economical aluminium has become the obvious frame choice for all building projects.

Why use aluminium frames for windows and doors?

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Glass Rite - Table Bay Mall grand opening.

With a ribbon cutting ceremony that included Western Cape premier Helen Zille on the on the 28th of September 2017, Table Bay Mall has become the latest successfully completed project by Glass Rite, Glass and Aluminium.

This extensive project over more than 8 months with over 200 shop fronts, glass and aluminium fittings installed by Glass Rite. Through the entire project Glass Rite installed numerous different systems according to contractor’s specifications, delivering beautiful, sleek and functional shop fronts. The project included the installation of sliding and stacking doors systems, automated units, double locking systems, laminated and toughened glass, TGS fin support systems all with powder coated and gloss chrome finishes just to name a few.

The Table Bay Mall is situated on the corner of West Coast Road and Berkshire Boulevard in Sunningdale and boasts a signature design of curving, flowing lines inspired by the world’s most elegant yachts. Combined with innovative green building technologies the mall offers the best of both, a memorable shopping experience and long-term sustainability of an eco-friendly structure with Glass Rite being the proud installer on major shop fronts for the likes of Foshini, Trueworths, Mr Price, H&M, Virgin Active, Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Mug & Bean and Woolworths just to name a few.

A development of over R1 billion by Zenprop Property Holdings, 5000 jobs where generated during the construction process. Upon completion it is estimated an additional 8000 jobs will be permanently generated by the Mall tenants and service providers.

As Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro says: “Ventures like these are a critical catalyst for regional development and investment attraction. The Table Bay Mall is situated at the heart of a fast-growing economic hub, and we are confident will serve this community and visitors well for years to come.”

Glass Rite is proud to have been part of this amazing project and looks forward to working on more cutting edge projects such as Table Bay Mall in the future.

Glass Rite would like to give a great big THANK YOU to our phenomenal team for the great work –

Project Managers – Ricardo Sousa, Dirk Joubert |  Site Managers – Sizwe Thabede, Ernst Pieterse, Sydney Matebula | Draghting and Estimating – Emma Steyn and AJ Longmore.

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Let the Daylight in !

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the importance of natural light in the work place. It has however become very clear through various studies that with increased natural light: productivity increases, while absenteeism decreases. This can be linked to previous studies done on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that occurs during winter when exposure to natural light is limited.

What differentiates SAD from other forms of depression is a full remission that occurs during spring and summer. Not only has it been shown that natural light affects your mood and mental health, but it can physically be shown to have an impact on levels of Vitamin D, serotonin and endorphins. So it is of vital import that when planning a new project, it is kept in mind that the more natural light penetrating into the interior of a building, the healthier the occupants will be mentally and physically. So how can this be achieved? The answer in short is through Daylighting.

Daylighting combines various aspects into a single method of utilizing the benefits of natural light while still controlling how, when and where the light is introduced into the interior space. It concerns the balancing of daylight admission with glare control while providing uniform light distribution. Glare control is of high import in any environment where the occupants work on computer screens.

It is interesting to note that when employing the method of Daylighting windows facing North and South are most effective to increase the amount of natural light that penetrates the interior while keeping the amount of heat and glare to a minimum. Other components that can be used to control the process of Daylighting include adding hoods, tinting and louvers.

As technology advances so too do the methods of control assisting in the process of happy healthy occupants.